I was fired multiple times

Yes, that’s correct. I was fired from almost every job I ever had since 2005. I swear I’ve worked every single job in the world including the corporate cubicle, insurance sales, blowing insulation, heating and air, delivering newspapers, and more.

At the same time, I started and FAILED a few businesses.

I know the frustration of not knowing my future, my vision, or my true path. Finally, after 10 years of major frustration, I figured it out.

i started and sold a million-dollar business

After realizing that I was unemployable and couldn’t find a job, I decided to start Rock City Digital.

I started as a freelance website designer and struggled for months barely paying bills. And then after a year or so, the projects were picking up. I was getting better at my craft, receiving a few more referrals, and I was staying busy!

I had to make a tough decision…either to stay as a busy solo freelancer or expand the team. I chose to expand the team. In April 2016, I hired my first employee, who later became my business partner. A month after that, I hired my second employee. And a month after that, I hired my third employee. I ended 2016 with an ambitious team of four. By the end of 2017, we were a team of 10. And at the end of 2018, we were around 20 and producing $1 million annual revenue.

Then in 2019, I realized that my destination is to be an influence to small business owners and be known for creative and innovation. I realized that Rock City Digital was no longer the vehicle to get me there. And so in June 2019, I decided to sell my interest to my business partner.

What I’m Doing Now

After selling Rock City Digital, I decided to focus on my other business ventures while relocating to San Francisco (with my girlfriend, Alex – follow her on IG). Professionally, I have three other companies that I focus on now.

The first is Brand Lab, which is an online membership site that includes digital courses on how to become a badass at business. The second is Web Ignite, which is a turn-key website design company. And the third is Brand Films, which creates brand stories for businesses.

If you want to see the other things I do, click below.