Brand Lab is an online membership site that contains dozens of step-by-step video courses that teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to become a badass at business.

The digital courses cover a wide variety of topics in areas of sales, marketing, social media, business systems and processes, copywriting, photography, videography, and much more.

Brand Lab launched in January 2019 with the beta group and opened to the public in April 2019, already with over 100 members.

Websites starting at $79/mo

Web Ignite launched in October 2018 as a result of a gap in the website design industry. Until now, there have only been two main options for a business owner to get a website. The first is to do it themselves, which is inexpensive but will most likely look terrible. The second is to hire a website designer, which will look great but will cost thousands of dollars.

Web Ignite is the in-between. It provides a library of pre-designed sites built from the ground up. Choose the design and Web Ignite does the rest.



The Consultant plan is basically a 30,000-foot view of your business, which includes a broad analysis of your branding and marketing along with an initial execution plan. It includes a bi-monthly call to discuss progress and results.

CMO PLAN  |  $1500/MONTH

CMO plan is like hiring a chief marketing officer. It includes everything in the Consultant plan, but it is a much deeper dive into your sales and marketing plan. In addition to a bi-monthly call to discuss progress, it includes a detailed monthly analysis of your marketing data.

CEO PLAN  |  $2250/MONTH

The CEO plan is like hiring a chief executive officer. It includes everything in the CMO plan, but it also includes a deep view into your sales, operations, and systems.

Story Brand Videos for Businesses

Brand Films was born because of a result of videographers creating boring ass videos for brands. Brand Films focuses on telling the story of the brand without the dry interview/b-roll style. Each of our videos is created with a very creative perspective to make it stand out. I currently take on one client per quarter.